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Learn to Make a Difference at IMC

At IMC, you define and generate the true values of MBA. IMC provides opportunities to examine your basic beliefs and fundamental attitudes toward people and the role of business in the society. We believe that your growth can make a difference, and we challenge you to do so.

About International Management Course (IMC)

IMC is a global standard MBA program of the Business School at the Institute of Business and Accounting, KGU. IMC was established in 2005 as the first English-language program MBA in the Kansai region.
Over the last decade, students from all over the world have come to IMC to acquire the knowledge and expertise that enable them to deal with the complex and rapidly-changing global business environment.
IMC not only provides knowledge and skills necessary to become a global business leaders, but also provides opportunities for students to examine their basic beliefs and fundamental attitudes toward people and the role of business in society.
At IMC, students define and generate the true value of the MBA, and we enhance your opportunity to do so through our rigorous courses and intensive teacher-student interactions .

The Main Reasons Why You Want to Develop Your Career with us.

IMC is a small tight-knit learning community where students can ‘live & learn’ together. They can also develop close networking and friendships with people from various countries. Small class sizes allow for highly intensive faculty-student interactions and customized supports from our staffs.

Diversity of students from various cultures and backgrounds.
Small to medium-size classes.
a.Highly intensive teacher-student interaction (6-10 students per instructor).
b.Personalized approach that caters to the student’s educational needs.
Students as an important part of the IMC learning community.
A balanced approach of theory and practice and emphasis on individual and professional growth.
Individual research based on the student’s acquired knowledge & individual career aspirations.
Distinguished placement results at global firms, as well as at entrepreneurial organizations.

Specialized Study Programs

Management Program

Training the Business
Leaders of the Future

Business today is characterized by ever-increasing competition and complexity. The business leades of the future will require not only a sound theoretical grasp of management principles,but also theaboloty ti apply that knowledge to the wide range of problems they are likely to encounter in their careers.
The Management Program of the International Management Course is designed to provide students with this combination of theory and practice: withan understanding of the broad field of management as well as the specialized knowledge and skills required for them to play a leading role in the increasingly competitive global business environment.
Student intending to join this Program will have taken Management as one of their Core courses,and must include International Management as on of their Basic courses.
Other Basic courses,and akk Advanced courses,areoptions,from witch they will select a ’mix’ appropriate to their needs. This should fo course include, further management-forcused courses,but they should also reach beyond the field of ‘management’ as narrowly defined, by taking, for example,courses in Finance and Marketing,to ensure that they are equipped with the broad range of expertise required of business leaders in the future.

Marketing Program

Meet the 21st Century Marketing Challenges
with a Global Mind and Local Solutions

The Marketing program at IMC aims to provide sound knowledge and skills for students who wish to develop expertise in marketing area. In this program, students are expected to learn a range of decisions in planning (plan), execution (do), and control (see) of marketing strategies. The 21st century market challenges call for not only marketing know-how but also a global mindset toward strategy development that offer local or specific solutions to various marketing issues and problems.
Our curriculum is designed to reflect those challenges and fundamental issues of marketing strategies such as understanding of market forces (customers, competitors and collaborators), segmentation, targeting, positioning, the 4Ps (product, place, promotion and pricing) and so forth. Interactive class discussion, case analysis and assignment will facilitate students’ learning experience; students will acquire specialized knowledge and skills together with a “marketing mindset,” that views product or service from a marketer’s and customers’ perspective.
This program offers basic to advanced courses in marketing area; ranging from Marketing Management and Marketing Strategy to advanced courses such as Marketing Case Analysis, International Marketing Practice, Global Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Brand Management, Product Innovation, among others. Marketing Management is compulsory for those who intend to specialize in marketing and students are encouraged to take this course before taking other advanced marketing-focused courses.
Apart from the required Core courses of IMC curriculum, students should also consider courses beyond marketing area such as courses in Management and Finance program. By carefully choosing the “right” and “balanced mix” of courses, students will be able to develop study plans that match their specific learning objectives and career aspirations.

Finance Program

Value Creation through
Financial Decision Making

Financial markets and practices have experienced rapid change and growth in the past few decades. Exciting new markets and opportunities have evolved, sparked by increased market volatility and increased demands for quality and variety in financial products.
The courses in the Finance Program of the International Management Course will enable students to develop their practical knowledge and professional skills in financial management, management of financial institutions, and professional money management.
Core courses, such as Accounting for Decision Making, Business Economics and Statistics, form the essential foundation for the study of finance. All students in this Program must also take the Principles of Finance course. Thereafter, students may choose the combination of courses that suits their intended field of specialization. A student wishing to specialize in corporate financial management might take Corporate Finance, International Accounting and Corporate Restructuring. For a student interested in the management of financial institutions, Financial Risk Management and Financial Institutions Management would be appropriate. In the area of investment management, Capital Markets, Portfolio Investment and Financial Reporting & Analysis would be a suitable choice. Students will also be expected to carry out in-depth financial analysis using the Internet and other IT resources.

Global Public Management Program

The Gateway to Professional Careers
in Leadership Roles at Global Public Services Institutions

The Global Public Management program aims to provide sound theoretical bases and practical skills to students who aspire professional career in leadership roles at global public services institutions, such as the United Nations, diplomatic institutions, as well as international NGOs. As an addition to the current three programs, the new program reinforces and extends our efforts on raising highly specialized professionals who embody our school motto of ‘Mastery for Service’. Students who major this program start by gaining basic skills and knowledge to administer organizational activities including managing human resources and organizational processes, developing and maintaining favorable and supportive relationships with various stakeholders, as well as planning and deploying available financial resources. Building on those foundational skills and knowledge concerning managing international organizations, students then earn specialized expertise critical for international civil servants by examining topics including issues concerning sustainable economic development, fair and ethical distribution of wealth and profits, environmental protection, as well as peace and security, among others. The curriculum is organized by building highly specialized courses co-offered with the Graduate Course in UN and Foreign Affairs Studies on the foundation of Core and Basic courses offered through the standard MBA program of IMC.

The program designed to train professionals in global public management
Students start in fundamentals of managing organizations. They then built on to learn advanced topics in global public management, and gain expertise critical for international civil servants .
Degree and certificate that prove one as a distinguished
talent for global public service institutions.
Students start in fundamentals of managing organizations. They then built on to learn advanced topics in global public management, and gain expertise critical for international civil servants .
Highly distinguished GPM faculty members


Visiting Professor

Yasushi AKASHI

The former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations



Shun-ichi MURATA

The former Deputy Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific (UNESCAP)


Visiting Professor


The former Representative for UNICEF Kazakhstan


Professor, Vice-President

Takahiro SHINYO

The former Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations, the former Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to the Federal Republic of Germany

IMC’s Job Placement Records

Dai-ichi Life Insurance
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance
UBS Securities
High Tech
Established Japanese Firms
JFE Shoji Trade
Mitsubishi Corp

Student exchange programs

As a way to expand students’ global perspective, exchange programs are available under blanket exchange agreements of Kwansei Gakuin University with varieties of overseas universities, such as University of Victoria in Canada and Ecole de Management de Normandie in France, to name a few. Amongst those overseas universities, IMC is expanding an exchange opportunity particularly with the Faculty of Economics and Social Science of Lille 1 University – Science and Technology after a long relationship between Kwansei Gakuin University and Lille 1 University. Lille 1 University was originally founded in 1562 and is energetically expanding international reach.