About IMC



Learning Process

First Year

Students learn the foundational knowledge as a basis of their study.

Students enhance their professional ethics and English ability by taking ‘Business Ethics’ and English Communication’ as compulsory courses.
Students are required to take 10 or more credits from the Core course group and 10 or more credits related to one’s major program from Basic course group to learn the foundational knowledge for studying business.

Secound Year

Students build on one’s foundational knowledge to deepen their research on themes of his/her interest.

Students who major in Management / Marketing / Finance program are required to take ‘Group Research Project’ and ‘Individual Research’ in which students research themes or topics of their interests. Students shall choose an instructor for their research, and major in respective instructor’s program.
Students who major in Global Public Management Program are required to take ‘Research Project in the United Nations’ or ‘Research Project in Foreign Affairs’ and conduct the research on the theme related to management of international public institutions.
They are also required to take ‘Internship in the United Nations’ or ‘Internship in Diplomatic Institutions’ to brush up their expertise and practical skills.