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Dean’s Message


Theory and Practice

The Institute of Business and Accounting seeks to cultivate highly skilled professionals with strong business ethics and expertise who are able to thrive in the global arena. Towards this end, students are offered a business and accounting curriculum quite unlike that of other graduate schools in its diversity, focus on business ethics and emphasis on teaching classes in English. In addition, the teaching faculty boasts an exemplary balance of research academics and seasoned business veterans to give students a first-hand perspective on the business challenges which arise from the interaction of "theory" and "practice." What is more, in order to foster success in an increasingly globalized world, a new "Global Public Management Program" is being launched in the 2017 academic year which will allow students to simultaneously pursue an MBA while cultivating the specialized skills and knowledge needed for a career at the United Nations or in another diplomatic track.

Innovation and Entrepreneurial Spirit

We live in an era which demands unconventional thinking and the ability to produce novelty and innovation from disparate sources. The Institute of Business and Accounting serves as a hub for communication and networking with students having professional experience, overseas students, faculty, guest speakers, graduates and others with different experience, values and cultural perspectives.
Students are expected to not only study different modes of logical and scientific thinking and achieve mastery of the latest knowledge and know-how, they must also cultivate human bonds which will stimulate "outside-the-box" thinking. They will also need to engage their entrepreneurial spirit to undertake real-world, new business creation challenges which they will be tasked with as part of the curriculum.

Mastery for Service

mastery for service

The school motto of Kwansei Gakuin is "Mastery for Service," which means pursuing learning not only for your own sake but for the sake of those around you as well - to master skills which you will use in service of your community and the world. In the context of the business world, this means not merely pursuing maximum profits for a company but, also, taking that company's shareholders, employees, clients and all other stakeholders into consideration to find socially responsible ways of creating new value. It also means demonstrating a spirit of concern and support for those in distress in your workplace and elsewhere. Students are expected to foster this "Mastery for Service" mindset in both their studies and professional endeavors.

At the Institute of Business and Accounting, the goal for all students is that their studies will equip them to be active in the global arena where they will create new and "different" value for the world.
Two years that will change your life.

Hiroshi YUTANI

Hiroshi YUTANI
Assistant Dean
Institute of Business and Accounting

In this advanced information and communication technology age, what is the significance of studying management? In particular, what is the significance in studying it at a place where students from different countries and with different cultural backgrounds have all been brought together? We believe that real, not virtual, experiences are crucial to success in an uncertain world, and the International Management Course (IMC) can provide such unique, real experiences. The IMC is designed to be small so as to promote close and extensive exchange among the students themselves as well as with faculty members. Despite the small size, we have successfully maintained diversity in student nationalities and cultures. By joining this course, students gain real exposure to the world. Students will exchange ideas, relate experiences and share aspirations of future success with classmates from a diverse range of backgrounds. Studying in the Kansai area of Japan also provides students with unique experiences. They will encounter a society which is orderly and warm-hearted. For Japanese students, as well, it will provide them with a good opportunity to appreciate the unique differences and commonalities in Japanese society which they have taken for granted. It is difficult studying in a country and environment where people's views and backgrounds are different from your own. However, it is exactly this sort of experience which will help you develop the fortitude and determination to overcome any difficulty to achieve success.