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Dean’s Message


Theory and Practice

The Institute of Business and Accounting aims to train highly skilled professionals who can be active around the world. It does this by giving them, as their foundation, the ability to use expert knowledge from the viewpoint of business administration, so that they can consider management strategies from a professional perspective in a way that integrates Japanese management and international management, and enhancing their ability to put this knowledge into practice.

   Management professionals are required to create new and different things, and bring about innovation, without being restricted by what is thought of as common sense. Our teaching facility boasts an exemplary balance of research academics and seasoned business veterans. With them, we provide education that “fuses theory and practice,” combining business theory that follows business practices and the latest theoretical trends.

Innovation and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Innovation is not just about creating new value from nothing. It is also produced when new combinations of existing value are found. We can create new value by combining in a novel way such things as existing markets, organizations, production methods, and management resources. In the process, humans always need to intervene.
 The Institute of Business and Accounting has established a platform by utilizing a diverse range of human resources, that is, students having professional experience, overseas students, faculty, guest speakers, graduates and others. This platform serves as a place to learn that “humans create value” and as a place for exchange. We want our students to strive to be good entrepreneurs, not only by acquiring theoretical knowledge but also by being able to enhance human resources and create innovation.

Mastery for Service

mastery for service

Kwansei Gakuin, which has a founding philosophy based on Christianity, has so far developed education that allows students to get along with all the peoples of the world, through Christian teachings. And as “a community of learning and exploration (learning community),” our mission is to foster creative and capable world citizens. We fulfill this by guiding our students so that they discover goals for their life that they can work toward and change society with compassion and integrity, thus embodying the school motto “Mastery for Service.” This motto means that actions are meaningful only when backed by an interest in and compassion for others. By giving our students a better understanding of our founding philosophy, we want them to theoretically consider the way business should be, and study the nature of corporate management that should exist in society at the Institute of Business and Accounting. By doing this, we have high hopes our students will be active in the global arena and create great value for the world.

Two years that will change your life.


Assistant Dean
Institute of Business and Accounting

Why should you study management?  Why should you study with students of different backgrounds, nationalities, cultures and religions?  Why should you come all the way to Japan and Kwansei Gakuin University to study business for two years?
  Because we believe that the two years here will be a valuable experience for you as you face complex and changing information technologies, a risky environment and the need to communicate with people of different backgrounds.  Because we believe that our program offers you a variety of courses in business: marketing, finance, management, accounting, technology, and global public management among others.  Because we believe that a real, not virtual, experience is crucial for your success in this risky world.
  Our International Management Course in Kwansei Gakuin University is designed to offer you such a unique and hands-on experience.  The International Management Course (IMC) has classes of a small size so that each student can voice his or her opinions, and exchange information and ideas freely with other students and with faculty members.  Despite the small class size, we have maintained a diverse range of students as most of them come from different countries and cultures.  Their native language is usually not English, but we communicate in English as we do in an international business setting.  We learn real business cases from Japanese firms as well as international firms.  Further, we want students to show ethical behavior.  We have created a study environment where students are respected, where they help each other and where they share their aspirations for future success in business.  After all, the students can maintain their friendship after graduation, wherever they are in the world.
 Based in Kansai (the southern-central part of Japan’s main island), close to Osaka, Kwansei Gakuin University has created an orderly and warm-hearted society.  The students, faculty members and administrative staff are friendly and welcome international students as well.  Our campus in Nishinomiya is truly beautiful, probably one of the most beautiful ones in Japan.  Our campus in Umeda is located in an urban part of Osaka and very close to a commercial area.  Without doubt, you will enjoy your two years with us.  This is really important.